The Joy of Following Christ is Complete

Colorado High Country
Photographic Artwork
by Steve Jamison

Colorado Wildflower Portraits
SoftMatted Photos

CWP 02



Our SoftMatted Photos introduce you to the beauty of Colorado wildflowers.  Use them as a gift or as a keepsake for yourself.
  Traditionally one produces a photo print and then places physical (hard) matte boards around the print to prepare it for framing.
The concept of SoftMatted Photos is to use computer software to place electronic (soft) matte boards around the photo before it is printed.
The printed SoftMatted Photo is trimmed to a final size of 7x5 inches; thus allowing you to easily place it in readily available frames.   TheSoftMatted Photo's size also means that it fits nicely in standard A7 envelopes.
:  SoftMatted Photos are 7x5; they are actual photo prints with a matte finish for a fine artwork effect.

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SoftMatted Photos